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Honolulu Penthouse I

Honolulu, HI

Tantalus Studio was brought on by Howard Hughes Corporation to enhance their stunning Anaha high rise Grand Penthouse interiors with wallcoverings, select furnishings, a curated art collection, accessories, and styling.  This unit is over 6,700 square feet with its own private pool deck and incredible ocean vista and Diamond Head views.  The penthouse’s finish palette by Rottet Studio is beautifully understated with its white oak floors and cabinetry, and range of white to grey natural stones throughout the kitchen and bathrooms.  Tantalus Studio’s intent was to add warmth, texture and color to the spaces, while keeping it feeling very fresh, light, and expansive.  The color palette built off the spectrum of blues, greens and earth tones you see in the ocean and landscape outside.

Color palettes vary from space to space; some more soothing such as the media room with its soft blues and grey wallcovering that mimics natural stone; and others more energizing and vibrant such as the master sitting room with its gold’s, orange’s and teal’s.  Tantalus Studio strove to incorporate local artists and artisans, paired with nationally and internationally recognized artists and furniture designers to keep the penthouse feeling current and globally relevant while always keeping in mind its geographical and cultural setting.  The end result of this project is a beautiful balance of upscale city living, perfect for entertaining, while also being a soothing retreat and sanctuary for its owners.

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